Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday Brain Dump

It's been a while since I wrote a brain dump. So here's what's on my mind . . .

1.) It started with me, then Sage, and now Brian. I'm not even sure we all have the same thing, but we're definitely all sick. Thankfully, I started feeling better when Sage started feeling bad. But now that Brian is sick we're just going to make a whole week out of this madness!!!

2.) I'm so pumped about getting my new window shade up! This house has always needed punches of color and the kitchen is about to get it. Pics to follow once I get it just right.

3.) Sage will turn one year old in a little over a month. That is CRAZY!!!! I guess I need to start planning a party.

4.) Speaking of Miss Independent, she is almost walking on her own. She still wants to hold a hand for balance most of the time, but at other times she completely turns loose to go after something. It's only a matter of time . . .

5.) It is just so hard for me to get out of "sweets mode" after the holidays! Seriously, I want dessert, like, all the time. This habit is hard to break. Really, really hard.

6.) Our life group from church rocks and I'm ready for us to start meeting again. There's been a brief hiatus, so Feb 6th needs to get here soon!

7.) The other day Brian told someone I wasn't "career driven." This bothered me for a multitude of reasons. I probably need some time to analyze before I can expound. For now, however, I think I should defend Brian and clarify that he wasn't saying, "she has no ambition." So I guess I just wish he would have worded it differently. Something like, "She's passionate about many things. Unfortunately, none of them make us any money." :)

8.) I really like Steven Tyler so far on American Idol. He's quite the compassionate judge yet honest too, the perfect combo. Randy just cracks me up. J. Lo ain't bad either. I think I'm going to enjoy this season. I just hope someone can give constructive criticism when it gets down to the really talented folks.


Gift of Gifting said...

Maybe not the best choice of wording, but I get it. I love making money and contributing to Brad and I's "future", but I've told him that when we start having kids, I want to stay home (I'm up for working from home, but I'm staying home). I think there's a huge value in a parent staying home with the children as opposed to childcare. Plus, childcare is EXPENSIVE and most of the time, mothers have told me it was cheaper for them to give up their job and stay home with the kids than pay childcare.

Maybe not "career-driven", but definitely "family-driven". I think family-driven is a zillion times more important :)

Melissa Merkel said...

You know, I've described myself that way...and even at times wondered if I was inherently lazy since I have never felt a huge internal drive to climb a corporate ladder and conquer the world. I'm happiest when I'm home; cleaning, cooking, organizing, taking care of Hunt, making a home.

The only job I've ever loved going to every day was when I was in ministry - and that certainly didn't bring in the big bucks. I've been doubting myself lately - questioning why I got a business degree and not a technical one, why I ever went into sales in the first place, wishing I could help support Hunt and I to a greater degree (especially when the rent bill comes in for our apt in DC!). But, the only ambition I have ever felt is to be a wife and mother - an excellent one - and our culture and world does not value that. But, like anything, there are few that truly excel at it...that's a goal that I have more than enough ambition to give me a strong internal drive to strive towards it. :)

Love you!

Brian Adams said...

Let me clarify--- what I meant (and value) is the fact that my wife is not one who has to have a working career outside the home that maintains a top priority, right up there with her family. I'm thankful that she truly views her responsibility in the home (raising our child) as her top priority.
However, if given the chance, I will clear up the whole "career driven" statement with the person that I told that to.
Love you!